Shipping & Delivery


For our in-stock items the processing time before shipment may take up 3-5 business days, unless otherwise stated in the item description, but we would do our best to ship your order to you as soon as possible.

By the time the package is being shipped you will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number and a notice in case your package was shipped with a signature confirmation service.

Our shipping is done through USP/DHL/Fedex and other shipping service. Delivery time varies from 5-25 business days depending on your location.


We support orders from the following countries and regions and offer free shipping. Free Shipping Countries and Regions:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Israel, Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia ,Thailand, Australia, New Zealand

If your country or region is not in the above list, please contact us for specific shipping time and cost.


The equipment is arranged to be shipped from our Hong Kong warehouse. Shipping times vary depending on various factors, including the specific product you are ordering and your specific location. If you would like to know the approximate shipping time for a specific product, please contact us and let us know, and be sure to include your shipping location. Alternatively, you can simply keep the following conservative estimates in mind:

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time+Shipping Time(depending on your location)

Region Estimated delivery time
(business days)
Shipping fee
United States 15-20 Free
Canada 15-20 Free
United Kingdom 15-20 Free
Germany 15-20 Free
France 15-20 Free
Italy 15-20 Free
Spain 15-20 Free
Sweden 10-20 Free
Denmark 10-20 Free
Norway 10-20 Free
Netherlands 15-20 Free
Belgium 15-20 Free
Poland 15-20 Free
Latvia 15-20 Free
Czech Republic 15-20 Free
Switzerland 10-20 Free
Israel 10-20 Free
Netherlands 10-20 Free
Ireland 10-20 Free
Japan 5-15 Free
South Korea 5-15 Free
Singapore 5-15 Free
Malaysia 5-15 Free
Thailand 5-15 Free
Australia 15-20 Free
New Zealand 5-15 Free
Hongkong 5-10 Free
Bulgaria 15-20 Free



Shipping Delays:

Please note that GoemSlim is not responsible if your package is not received within the estimated time mentioned above, as third party couriers may cause unforeseen delays. Therefore, no refunds will be provided for reasonable shipping delays (reasonable is defined as up to 60 business days from the date of order).


We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver without delay. Thank you for your understanding.


Machine damage report:

Do not sign the parcel receipt until you have inspected it for damage. If you see any damage of parcel, request that the driver wait while you open and check the products. Make a report of any parcel damage and describe the damage precisely. In the report mention of all components damaged during shipping. The receiving person is responsible for requesting the carrier to inspect the damaged goods and packaging that was damaged during shipping. The formal request should be made immediately right after discovering any loss or damage not later than 24h after receiving the parcel. Keep a copy of your request letter. Write up your findings in a report. If you can, take photos to confirm your inspection report.


Re-routing or rejection of parcels and rejection of import duties:

Orders re-routed by you to a different shipping address will not be eligible for any refund. After the package is returned to us, you will receive a refund for your refused delivery order, minus 40% to cover shipping and related costs. If your order is refused by the customs authorities in your country and cannot be delivered, the order will not be refunded.


Please note that many packages do require a signature at the time of delivery to ensure secure delivery. If required, please ensure that you or the person in charge of your shipping address can sign for you.



Please be sure the shipping address entered is correct. Packages returned to us by logistics company and marked “unclaimed”, or “undeliverable” due to customer error or failure to claim the package will not be re-shipped. In these cases, the original purchase price will not be refunded. Shipping and handling charges may not be refunded. So be sure to fill in the correct delivery address when placing an order. Receipt of goods in time after the machine arrives



Using a freight forwarder to ship items internationally may result in complications not covered by our policy.

If a freight forwarder is used, the following terms will apply:

GoEMSlim won’t be responsible for damage or loss that occurs to goods after they’re delivered to the freight forwarder. This means that GoemSlim isn’t able to provide a replacement of, or refund for, any goods delivered to a freight forwarder. You should instruct freight forwarders to refuse goods that arrive damaged, and goods lost after being received by the freight forwarder will be your responsibility.

Products exported by you through a freight forwarder may be returned to GoemSlim, provided that you are responsible for all the costs associated with returning the goods to us.



For international deliveries (meaning deliveries to countries outside of the U.S.), the customer is responsible for customs clearance, including payment of associated import duties, unless otherwise noted. GoemSlim offers customs clearance for certain products only (for certain countries). If you would like more information, please contact us for your specific product and location. For U.S. deliveries, you do not pay customs duties.

Phone number: +1 9257263337‬