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Why Choose GoemSlim Esthetics Expert?


GoemSlim Aesthetics Expert

GoemSlim is a manufacturer and distributor of beauty machines and beauty solutions. We are dedicated to providing you with the high-quality MedSpa Equipment to tailor a wide variety of your needs.

Innovation and quality

GoemSlim is always at the forefront of industry trends. Our beauty machines are built with high quality chipsets and incorporate the latest technological updates for superior performance and reliability.

Competitive pricing

By selling machines online, we have significantly reduced costs and we pass these savings on to you. There is no need to pay high prices for medium equipment from other suppliers when you can buy a more efficient upgrade machine from us.

Wide selection

Whether you are a large spa owner, a new aesthetician or a direct consumer, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, cutting-edge technology to meet your individual needs, with friendly and helpful customer support.

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What Clients Say About GoemSlim

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John S. from MDS Medical Spa

I highly recommend investing in the GoemSlim’s Equipment. I appreciate using cutting-edge equipment that enables me to present fresh and innovative solutions to my clients.

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Mary U. from Alchemie Spa

GoemSlim Aesthetics is a great company. I have purchased from them several times and am never disappointed. I will continue to work with them for my aesthetic needs. (The support is amazing as well!)

Joshua A. from LaserAway

Rebecca patiently addressed all my inquiries and truly made an effort to ensure I was at ease with my machine and its application on clients. I deeply appreciate the exceptional customer service. Thank you!