Máquinas de esculpir del cuerpo de EMSslim

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Ahorra $1,799.00
EMSlim NEO Body Sculpting Machine with RF 1EMSlim NEO Body Sculpting Machine with RF 2
EMSlim Neo Body Sculpting Machine con RF
Precio de oferta$5,200.00 Precio normal$6,999.00
Ahorra $2,000.00
EMSlim NOVA Muscle Stimulation Fat Burning Body Slimming Machine EMSlim NOVA Muscle Stimulation Fat Burning Body Slimming Machine 2
Máquina de contorno corporal EMSlim NOVA con RF
Precio de oferta$3,999.00 Precio normal$5,999.00
Ahorra $4,700.00
EMShape EMSlim Neo Body Sculpting MachineEMShape EMSlim Neo Body Sculpting Machine Left
Máquina profesional para esculpir el cuerpo EMShape Neo
Precio de oferta$4,299.00 Precio normal$8,999.00
Ahorra $3,019.00
Cryolipolysis EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine FrontCryolipolysis EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine Back
Cryolipolysis EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine 2 en 1
Precio de oferta$6,980.00 Precio normal$9,999.00
Máquina para esculpir el cuerpo EMSlim con 4 manijas EMSlim Treatment Body Sculpting Machine with 4 Handles 8
Máquina para esculpir el cuerpo EMSlim con 4 manijas
Precio de ofertaDesde $3,299.00 Precio normal$5,999.00
Ahorra $1,000.00
Mini EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine Home UseMini EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine Home Use
Mini EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine Home Use
Precio de oferta$1,299.00 Precio normal$2,299.00
Ahorra $990.00
Máquina profesional NEO de contorno corporal EMSlim Máquina profesional NEO de contorno corporal EMSlim
Máquina profesional NEO de contorno corporal EMSlim
Precio de oferta$4,990.00 Precio normal$5,980.00
Ahorra $2,000.00
Portable EMSlim Neo Body Contouring MachinePortable EMSlim Neo Body Contouring Machine
Portable EMSlim Neo Body Contouring Machine
Precio de oferta$1,999.00 Precio normal$3,999.00
Ahorra $1,399.00
portable emslim machine with RF home use 2portable emslim machine with RF home use front
Máquina portátil EMSlim Neo para uso doméstico
Precio de oferta$1,600.00 Precio normal$2,999.00
Ahorra $1,000.00
Portable EMSlim Neo Body Contouring MachinePortable EMSlim Neo Treatment Body Sculpting Machine
Máquina portátil para esculpir el cuerpo EMSlim Neo
Precio de oferta$3,599.00 Precio normal$4,599.00
Ahorra $1,000.00
Portable EMSlim Neo Body Contouring Machine 5Portable EMSlim Neo Body Contouring Machine 6
Máquina portátil de contorno corporal EMSlim Neo
Precio de oferta$3,599.00 Precio normal$4,599.00
EMSlim neo Machine Handle
EMSlim neo Machine Handle
Precio de oferta$450.00





What Are Our Partners Saying

Goemslim Client 1

Jennifer from Natural Wellness

I am very satisfied with my purchase from GoemSlim. I’ve used it for 4 weeks in our spa and I must say I'm rather impressed. I have used it on several clients and we already seeing visible improvement. Abs and legs and arms are all visibly more sculpted. Thank you!

Goemslim Client 2

Lisa from Detoxspa

I'm absolutely thrilled with the GoemSlim's EMSlim neo machine! After a consultation with GoemSlim's expert, I was convinced to choose it. The effects during the treatment are palpable. In just 3 weeks, I've noticed significant changes. My clients abs, arms, and legs appear more sculpted. It's certainly a worthy investment!

Goemslim Client 3

Tanya from Bogo Medspa

We recently introduced the EMSlim Nova machine at our spa, and it has been delivering outstanding results for our clients. This has certainly enhanced our reputation. The machine's four handles can be operated independently, and its energy output is impressively strong. Thank you for such an excellent machine!

Our Clients: Experiencing the EMSlim Machine

The EMSlim series machines not only shape and enhance muscle but also reduce fat. The machine is easy to operate and user-friendly. Once the parameters and treatment time are set, it runs automatically without the need for constant supervision. Our clients include clinics, Medspa, beauty salons, gyms, and other institutions.

EMSlim neo how it works

What is EMSlim, and what is EMSlim Neo?

EMSlim is a new non-invasive body contouring treatment that works by using high-intensity electromagnetic therapy to build muscle and burn fat. One session of EMSlim can induce 20,000 muscle contractions. No surgery or downtime is required, and you can return to your daily activities immediately after treatment, increasing core strength and getting a toned body after just a few sessions.

EMSlim Neo can delivers synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energy, providing a greater thrust for fat reduction. This new-generation treatment incorporates radiofrequency (RF) energy into the therapeutic mix, leading to an intensified fat reduction effect. Currently, GoemSlim's EMSlim series machines have all been upgraded to the NEO version. During the treatment process, you have the flexibility to turn the RF function on or off as needed.

EMSlim Treatment Price

Maximize your Spa center's profits and ROI with the GoemSlim's EMSlim series Equipment

The image showcases our partner EMSlim's treatment price list. In the U.S., a session of body contouring is priced around $2,900. Compared to the expensive costs of the EMSculpt machine, with the GoemSlim's EMSlim series, you only need to sell two treatment packages to reach your break-even point. Incorporating the EMSlim series from GoemSlim into your spa operations can notably boost your annual profits. While bringing in significant profits, the machine's exceptional treatment outcomes also heighten customer loyalty.

EMSlim Machine Treatment Areas

EMSlim Machine Treatment Areas

Abdomen: The abdomen is a challenging area to strengthen, even with regular exercise and a consistent diet. However, enhancing the core strength of the abdomen is beneficial for overall body health. GoemSlim's EMSlim series can help tighten, flatten, and fortify the abdominal area, bolstering core strength and giving you a more streamlined appearance.

Buttocks: Many clients desire a full and rounded buttocks. Without regular exercise and maintenance, coupled with factors like aging and genetics, the buttocks can gradually become flatter and sag. The EMSlim machine can sculpt a firm and voluptuous rear. If you prefer not to use the RF functionality specifically during buttocks treatments, our machine allows you to turn off the RF at any time during the session.

Arms: The EMSlim machine can enhance the strength of both the biceps and triceps while eliminating excess fat in the upper arms, rendering them more toned.

Thighs: As people age and potentially gain weight, many find their thighs becoming more robust, with chunky fat deposits. EMSlim neo can reduce thigh width and streamline the outer thigh region.

Calves: Even if you consistently engage in long runs and practice deep squats, you might still not achieve the calf results you're aiming for. EMSlim can refine the contour and size of the calf muscles, granting you the strength and results that strenuous gym workouts might not provide.

emslim Neo Treatment Client

The Difference Between the EMSlim Machine and the EMSculpt Machine

EMSlim and EMSculpt both utilize high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology for body contouring, muscle enhancement, and fat reduction. Based on feedback from our clients' treatment experiences, the therapeutic results of both are quite similar. The primary distinction is that the contraction interval with EMSculpt is slightly longer than with EMSlim. During treatment, when the HIFEM+ intensity peaks, you might feel a slight muscle soreness with EMSculpt. Both EMSculpt and EMSlim have been certified by professional institutions and are well-received by patients.

Without a doubt, either machine can effectively train your muscles and reduce fat. From a cost perspective, the EMSlim series equipment offers a higher return on investment. If you're an individual user looking to undergo treatments similar to EMSculpt at home, we also offer a home version of the EMSlim machine for your selection.

EMSlim NEO Treatment

Free Advanced Training & Customization

With each piece of GoemSlim Equipment our customers receive FREE TRAINING. Our licensed estheticians provide personalized training on every piece of GoemSlim equipment.

Training package:
*Detailed User's Manual
*A "Certificate of Completion" when training is complete (this certificate can be hung on the wall)
*Treatment Protocols and Recommendations

GoemSlim‘s equipment support logo customization, allowing you to feature your brand's logo on the equipment startup screen or the body of the equipment. Create a machine that is uniquely yours.


Compare patient results from before and after EMSlim treatments.

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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